Blogelogeluren is live

2024-01-13 by Ture Goldkuhl

I am trying out a new blog format using astro. Blogelogeluren will contain my projects, thougths and experiments in a more minimalistic and easy to grasp format.

Picture of the day Interactive web player

2023-04-07 by Ture Goldkuhl

For more than five years I have taken a picture of my face every day. Now the archive is interactive and readily avaliable online for anyone to browse through at their own pace.

Vessel print

2022-11-17 by Ture Goldkuhl

"Vessel" screen print documentation

My second screen print, which you can still buy at my big cartel shop. The image is based on several artbreeder images: this pot, this thing which I think looks like a circus tiger & it's keeper, and a last one with two mouths which's url I'm still searching for. The print involves three different screens: the main one, a secondary with the tiger and a third with a line of ceramics.

This article is rightfully yours if you ask for it.

2022-10-18 by Ture Goldkuhl

The story of a drawing I made trying to fuck with law-systems.

I wrote down in my notes to make an art piece like a contract. With a signature you would be proclaimed the "rightful" owner. Firstly, I signed it myself to claim initial ownership. Then hung it on the wall of our (my two friends and I) apartment in Barcelona. When we had friends over I hoped they would find it interesting but it took a while until Bianca signed during a party. I later heard from her that their french neighbor had signed and maybe? brought it to France.

Pheasant tapestry project

2022-02-07 by Ture Goldkuhl

Documentation of the pheasant-inspired tapestry I made at Nyckelviksskolan around the beginning of 2022.

In my textile art class, we were tasked with creating a tapestry starting from a bird. We were to incorporate the overall look of the bird, its sound as well as a specific spot around the school that we could choose as we liked. I had a hard time choosing a bird as I know nothing about them but I searched around for different birds that I somewhat recognized and listened to their sounds. The pheasant made a horror-sounding call that I found interesting as well as the pheasants colors. I did not incorporate any location at the school. Started off sketching and liked this general shape even before I choose the pheasant but it fit with the scariness of the sound as well as the sounds double-repetition which is mirrored in the mirrored shapes. ...

Table from drawer project

2022-02-07 by Ture Goldkuhl

Documentation of a table I made at Nyckelviksskolan around the end of 2021.

I started off by disassembling the original furniture. It consisted of five major red blocks, two of which a bit larger. I tried putting them in different ways and was thinking of a chair at first before the idea of a table struck me. The top was a difficult one to plan, but I knew I wanted some shape to coume out of it. I sketched and cut large paper to get a sense of the shape. ...

Boundless T-shirt print

Not dated by Ture Goldkuhl

Pictures from my "Bundless" T-shirt design project

Första test-blogg-inlägget! Med riktigt lång titel för att testa

2022-01-25 by Ture Goldkuhl

En kort introduktion över det riktiga köttet i artikeln ger en övergripande bild av vad det kan komma att handla om.

Och en placeholder bild som är fin.

End. To top?