Table from drawer project

2022-02-07 by Ture Goldkuhl

Documentation of a table I made at Nyckelviksskolan around the end of 2021.

Me, a skull & the table

Me, a skull & the table

The task

In the woodworking class we were tasked to buy a second hand piece of furniture and deconstruct it, thereafter perhaps forming it into something new. We could only choose to keep its original finish, scrape it or paint black or white, because the shape should be the thing in focus.

Before and after

Before and after

The build

I started off by disassembling the original furniture. It consisted of five major red blocks, two of which a bit larger. I tried putting them in different ways and was thinking of a chair at first before the idea of a table struck me.

The original drawer

top was a difficult one to plan, but I knew I wanted some shape to coume out of it. I sketched and cut large paper to get a sense of the shape.

Working on a shape for the top

I began with these blocks to cut out interesting shapes. I am a sucker for detail and can't really help myself. The small weird cuts were originally going to be circles but I cut this much in the band saw and thought it looked cool. After this I cut almost all the pieces with decorative shapes.

Support beams for sliding plate Shapes at the leg-intersection

The legs are structured like and 'H' for stability and the middle wall has a hole for the sliding drawer to go through. I put one extra support beam on each side as the middle wall was not the most stable with the hole and the hole construction was able to wiggle a bit since it was in the middle.

Finished product

I plugged and glued everything together at the end.

Me and the table Completed table and concrete skull

Unfortunately my phone broke somewhere at the end of this project so lost most of the pictures from the process. Overall it was a fun build and felt nice to be back in a woodworking-shop with all the large machines. Used the band saw a lot during my cutting decorative shapes-mania. I'm happy with the table but still has not gotten it home since I don't have a car or anything and it's quite heavy. Would really like to use it as a sitting down dining table. (Or if it hurts to much to sit at the floor - a sofa table.)

Update as of 2022-08-28: The table is sadly lost since I did not pick it up during the entire summer. The school has started again for the next year and some friends there reported the table is no longer where it were. I knew it would be thrown away if I didn't pick it up but thought I had more time... Well, maybe it was destined. I do not grief.. much.

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This article is rightfully yours if you ask for it.

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I wrote down in my notes to make an art piece like a contract. With a signature you would be proclaimed the "rightful" owner. Firstly, I signed it myself to claim initial ownership. Then hung it on the wall of our (my two friends and I) apartment in Barcelona. When we had friends over I hoped they would find it interesting but it took a while until Bianca signed during a party. I later heard from her that their french neighbor had signed and maybe? brought it to France.