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This article is rightfully yours if you ask for it.

2022-10-18 by Ture Goldkuhl

The story of a drawing I made trying to fuck with law-systems.

I wrote down in my notes to make an art piece like a contract. With a signature you would be proclaimed the "rightful" owner. Firstly, I signed it myself to claim initial ownership. Then hung it on the wall of our (my two friends and I) apartment in Barcelona. When we had friends over I hoped they would find it interesting but it took a while until Bianca signed during a party. I later heard from her that their french neighbor had signed and maybe? brought it to France.

Pheasant tapestry project

2022-02-07 by Ture Goldkuhl

Documentation of the pheasant-inspired tapestry I made at Nyckelviksskolan around the beginning of 2022.

In my textile art class, we were tasked with creating a tapestry starting from a bird. We were to incorporate the overall look of the bird, its sound as well as a specific spot around the school that we could choose as we liked. I had a hard time choosing a bird as I know nothing about them but I searched around for different birds that I somewhat recognized and listened to their sounds. ...

Table from drawer project

2022-02-07 by Ture Goldkuhl

Documentation of a table I made at Nyckelviksskolan around the end of 2021.

I started off by disassembling the original furniture. It consisted of five major red blocks, two of which a bit larger. I tried putting them in different ways and was thinking of a chair at first before the idea of a table struck me. The top was a difficult one to plan, but I knew I wanted some shape to coume out of it. I sketched and cut large paper to get a sense of the shape. ...

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Första test-blogg-inlägget! Med riktigt lång titel för att testa

2022-01-25 by Ture Goldkuhl

En kort introduktion över det riktiga köttet i artikeln ger en övergripande bild av vad det kan komma att handla om.

Just nu skriver jag en exempel-artikel till bloggen som ett första test-inlägg. Detta är en exempel-text för att visa för mig hur det kommer se ut men också ett faktiskt inlägg om vad jag gör just nu. Krånglade fett mycket med att få bilden rätt så att man kan ha en bild som är bredare än artikeln med texten och verkar ha fått det att funka nu. Den horisontella skrollbaren poppade upp med den enda metoden som funkade för mig så nu döljer jag bara den och skrollar till 0 horisontellt med JavaScript. Så när man laddar om verkar vertikalskrollen bara hoppa lite märkligt runt.

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